Affiliation Video

This video explains what is affiliation in simple way. He summarizes that affiliation is actually 'Selling Other People's Stuff. Your profit awesome. Low overhead high margin. Some website such as provide this kind of service where some of the stuff can give to 50% or more margin. To get more info you can go to

This video produced by Jeff Johnson from his training program. He shares 5 easy steps to become affiliation marketer. The summary of his steps are as follows
1) Choose the right offer to promote (affiliation product that relate to your niche)
2) Create a killer bonus (make sure the bonus relate to your niche)
3) Post that Bonus at your blog
4) Email the blog link to  your list (basically you need to build subscriber list to this)
5) Mail your list on launch day (launching the affiliation product)

For details you can go to