Social Network

This video of twitter shows you how to manage your twitter marketing. He shows free services and also paid services that will boost your twitter list and increase chances of your potential list to buy your product or hit your web or blog traffic. The explaination is simple but yet come back to how you practice all the tips and trick shown in this video.

This video shows 7 ways of using  Facebook to build your business online. The high potential of fan and network help you to promote your business, product, blog, web and etc. The 7 ways are as following:

1) Put together a killer profile page (simple and effective)
2) Add your business contact (add as friend to build your own community)
3) Start a group (relate to your business niche)
4) Buy add space (cost you a bit, make sure your ROI or return on investment is worth to do so)
5) Post in Facebook Marketplace (free)
6) Promote your blog
7) Advertise an event (upcoming seminar, training and etc)

However this video did not show step by step to do that on facebook. You need to explore it yourself.