Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheapest and affordable web hosting and domain

With 50 Gb storage, 200 Gb bandwidth, Free domain and support unlimited subdomain  and email it will save you lots. All in one package. Plus with Free site builder integrated in the Cpanel you can build your website in just 7 steps. Even 6 years old kid can build a website using this software. Believe it or not just sign up for free 7 days trial and you can experience it yourself.

If the explanation above too technical for beginner, hope this example can explain a bit more. Having a huge storage 50Gb means you have a huge warehouse for 300 thousand products and not just a store at your back yard. While 200 Gb Bandwidth means you have a highway that can be used by almost 1 million customers each month to your site without having a traffic jam. So let say only 1% of them will buy your stuff. This means you have 10 thousand buyers.

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