Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 facebook tips for Entrepreneur

Recently there are many changes made by Facebook. However in my view it really help me in my online business and I think Facebook is becoming a great platform for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to promote their business as well.

Ok, hope this video can help to explain how SME can utilize and gain benefit from this changes.

I try to show you the 7 points shared in this video here..and hope it can give you better understanding regarding the facebook video tips 1. Post Comment your business page in other business page 2. Promote your link in your Profile Picture 3. Create Business Page 4. used right Categories, make it easy to find your business 5. used Cronology view (post) 6. feature like, encourage the visitor to like your page 7. Increase you business integrity, be transparent Good luck Khairul

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